Beautiful Moments in Popular Culture

astonishing gay theater



︎ODC Theater San Francisco

written and directed by Maxe Crandall choreography by Karla Quintero
photography by H. Goidell

︎Performers Karla Quintero, Danny Thanh Nguyen, Julie Moon, Maxe Crandall

Underwater Wedding

︎The Stud San Francisco

written and directed by Maxe Crandall
original score by Julie Moon
production design by Ari Banias

︎Cast Lynn Breedlove, Diana Cage, Cliff Hengst, Stephen Ira, Grace Lavery, Danny Thanh Nguyen

Box of Rain ︎

︎The Stud San Francisco

written by Kevin Killian
directed by Maxe Crandall
commissioned by James Fleming

︎Cast Ari Banias, Diana Cage, Maxe Crandall, Dia Felix, Margit Galanter, Cliff Hengst, Kevin Killian, Claudia La Rocco, Trisha Low, Randall Mann, Hope Mohr, Mara Poliak, Laurie Reid, Anne Walsh  

Underwater Wedding

︎Dixon Place New York City

written and directed by Maxe Crandall

video sets by Ethan Weinstock
sound design by Rob Rusli
Photography by Grace Moon

︎Cast Diana Cage, Lonely Christopher, Stephen Ira, Theodore (ted) Kerr, Elizabeth Koke, Aldrin Valdez